Feel good.

Feel complete.

Feel upbeat.

Born in 2019, Upbeat is the creation of our small team from Sydney, Australia. Being located amongst the buzz of wellness habits on the Northern Beaches, we understand the need for food to deliver more than ever before. Food needs to solve new problems from dietary requirements to nutritional deficiencies and nutritional enhancement.

We saw a market with a multitude of healthy options for snacking and supplements however a lack of meal solutions. So, the idea of Upbeat was born – simple, instant, functional nutrition. With consumers looking for ways to make easier healthier decisions, we set out to make a pot of fuel – providing nutritional balance and enhancement in one meal.

Upbeat delivers a meal solution from breakfast to dinner beyond the traditional food sources. Whether it be 25g of Protein or 13g of Collagen we make products that stand to provide functionality.

We are the modern alternative to a traditional protein brand and aim to equally appeal to men without alienating women. We are the neutral ground of simplicity and efficacy.

We believe healthy does not need to be hard, it just needs to be conscious.